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Bridlington South Beach, Yorkshire

Bridlington South Beach

Information about the beautiful and expansive South Beach at Bridlington. A great place to soak up the sun (weather permitting!) or for walking your dogs. Info from the 'Unofficial Guide'...

The very first time we visited Bridlington South beach was this November (2009).

Normally we go to Fraisthorpe beach (our favourite beach - a few miles away) or Ian's Dad takes us to Bridlington North beach near his house.

We thought we would try somewhere new for a change and go to the South Beach for a look...

The South beach stretches from the harbour area in a southerly direction, right to the edge of Bridlington. The sands themselves go on for miles, right to Hornsea!

The part we visited was the most southerly part, which is well away from Bridlington town itself, which can mean it is a little more peaceful than the beach nearer the town.

Bridlington South Beach  - steps down to the beach

The South beach is a beautiful, vast, flat beach with easy access from the car-park. The sand is wonderfully golden and soft, in fact quite different from the slightly 'harder' sand at Fraisthorpe (some clay is mixed in there, from the eroding cliffs) or the pebbles at the north beach.

The beach backs onto a small area of lovely, low sand dunes.

Bridlington South Beach backing onto grassy dunes

You get wonderful views of Bridlington and the white cliffs of Flamborough head from the beach - see if you can spot the lighthouses?

View of the town from Brislington south beach

  • There are little beach huts here, available for hire from the council. (Contact the Council Foreshores Office for more information: Tel: 01262 678255 or visit website).

  • Bridlington south beach beach huts / beach chalets

  • The seafront promenade and land train start (or end) from here, so you can easily access South Beach from the town, and vice versa.

  • Bridlington south beach - public art on the promenade

  • Also fascinating, and somewhat amusing, is the public art on the end of the promenade - strangely enough (!) the council feels the need to put up a sign declaring that this is not a playground, but a piece of 'public art' - it is very 'modern' and personally I can very much understand the confusion - see what you think...

  • Bridlington South Beach - This is not a playground!

  • There are facilities for boat launch a little further down, and land buggies and other wheeled equipment can be seen on the beach. Look out for brightly coloured kites all along this stretch of beach.

  • Bridlington South Beach - colourful kites taking advantage of a sea breeze

  • We did not take our dog, Ginger, on this occasion, but friends have taken their dogs on this beach, and say its a great place to let them run. There is certainly plenty of space for dogs on the beach to run and have fun, and we saw quite a few having a fab time... We will certainly bring Ginger here for a run in future.

  • Bridlington South Beach - view from the promenade

  • Dogs are allowed on the beach here at all times of the year (south of a line extending from Kingston Road - north of this dogs are permitted outside of the holiday season (1 May to 30 September) only).
  • The Golf Club and the Southcliff Caravan Park are also located in the area.
  • When we went, the main car park was closed for re-development - although there was still plenty of space to park. The car park was Pay and Display, although it appears to be free of charge during the Winter months.
  • It appears that in future, the new Bridlington Park and Ride will be located here, so the situation regarding car parking and amenities may well change in the future.

    UPDATE: Bridlington's Park and Ride has now opened - follow the signs for the Park and Ride to park your car and access amenities and beach! More details about the Park and Ride, here...

  • There is a little cafe open for refreshments close to the car park (closed during winter months).
  • Public toilets are also available here (open year round).

Where to Find Bridlington South Beach

Do not use Belvedere Parade - there is no access to the car park from this direction - instead follow signs to the Park and Ride on the outskirts of town - and park here to access the beach.

Find the park and ride off the A165 Kingsgate Road on the south side of Bridlington (outskirts of town) - it is well sign posted.

You could even catch the Park and Ride bus from the town centre.

Bridlington South Beach on the Map

This map is interactive.

  • Just use the + and - buttons in the top left corner of the map to zoom in and out.
  • Use the arrows to move about the area.

We really enjoyed our walk along Bridlington South Beach, and even managed to catch a bit of November sunshine!

I hope you enjoy your visit to Bridlington South Beach too...

Where to Eat Nearby:

Busy Bees Fish and Chip Restaurant (Close to Bridlington Spa, at the 'town' end of the beach)

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Let us know if you liked this beach... Which is your favourite Yorkshire coast beach? Tell us, here...

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