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There are more comments about Fraisthorpe as a naturist beach, here...

There are comments about the wind farm proposals at Fraisthorpe, here....

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Feb 18, 2014
by: Jocelyn

Hi I am looking at visiting fraisthorpe beach with some friends in August for the day to celebrate my birthday. Never been here before and wanted something different to do. I am just wondering if Barbeques are allowed on the beach? Or if not do you know of any barbeque friendly beaches?
Thank you


By Charlotte
18 Feb 2014

Hello Jocelyn

I'm afraid I don't know the answer to your question.

The information on the Council's Beach page may be able to help you, or you may be able to enquire of them directly.

I hope you have a brilliant birthday in August, whatever you do - fingers crossed for sunshine!

Best wishes, Charlotte

Jul 17, 2015
Is nudism still practised at Fraisthorpe?
by: AnonymousRich

Having just returned from a holiday in spain, I want to keep my tan topped up. Is nudism still practised at Fraisthorpe beach?


Hello, There is some information and discussion about naturism at Fraisthorpe, here which I hope will help to answer your question.

Best wishes, Charlotte

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Fraisthorpe Beach - March 23rd 2010

by Johanna Hilton
(Castleford, W Yorks)

First trip to Fraisthorpe in March. The beach is stunning!

Great place to take the dog as well.

A real hidden gem on the East Coast. Can't wait to go back!


Thanks Johanna

That's a fantastic pic - and such blue skies - love it!

Makes me think it's a while since we've been back there - we must go again soon!

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pic :o)

Best wishes

Charlotte :o)

More about our experiences on Fraisthorpe beach, here...

Comments for Fraisthorpe Beach - March 23rd 2010

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May 03, 2013
Question about High Tide at Fraisthorpe
by: Helen

I am hoping to go to Fraisthorpe beach on Monday, but the comment about high tides has made me nervous. I looked up tide times and it is high tide at 3pm. Can anyone advise as to what this means? will the beach be greatly reduced for several hours surrounding 3pm? It is a 2 hr drive, so I am hoping to find out before setting off! Many thanks,


by Charlotte
8 May 2013

Hi Helen

Sorry I couldn't reply to your submission sooner.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Fraisthorpe.

For future information, and for the benefit of any other readers wondering about the same question, I thought I would still include the following information, though...

I'm including a link to a website showing a map with the Mean High Water and Mean Low Water for the beach area at Fraisthorpe, around Auburn Farm.

These show the average high and low tide locations.

At certain times, for example the Spring tides, or in winter stormy weather, the high tide is likely to come considerably higher.

I know on one occasion we went to Fraisthorpe (in winter) and the tide was so high we could barely get on the beach, and ended up walking back to our car along the 'cliff tops' (Fraisthorpe does have the advantage of having low 'cliffs' that do have places where you can get back up to dry land!)

Take a look at the map, here... (opens in a new window)

I hope the info helps - sorry it wasn't possible to provide this at a more convenient timing for your visit.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to the coast - and the glorious sunshine too, of course.

Best wishes


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Fraisthorpe Beach

by Lynne

Took 2 dogs to Fraisthorpe after reading your recommendation.

Both dogs had never been to the seaside, pure joy, we went on a monday so only us, two seafishermen a few horse riders and some windsurfers, weather was great the wind warm.

3 hours passed before we knew it ,then up to Bridlington, fish and chips followed by a 99 while sat on harbour benches, heaven!

Thanks for your recommendation, will be a regular from now on, but will try some of your other beaches too, will let you know our thoughts.



by: Charlotte

Thanks Lynne

So glad you enjoyed it - it is a pretty special place, isn't it!

Oh yes please, do try out some more, and let us know what you think - we love trying out new places ourselves, but so far nothing seems to beat Fraisthorpe!

Glad your dogs enjoyed their trip to the seaside too - did they go in the sea? Ginger is still a bit scared of the waves (aaawww!)

Best wishes

Charlotte :o)


Sep 29, 2009
Reply to Charlotte
by: Lynne

Yes Charlotte, both dogs swim anyway, we are regulars at Pugneys water park at Wakefield.

Ti the 1yr old whippet cross staffy cross something we are not sure of, he was running into the waves chasing anything we threw for him. and tag the yorky cross anybodys guess, loved the sea.

Great thing was near the car park, the freshwater stream runs into the sea, dogs swam and rinsed all sand and saltwater off them,

already planning next visit many thanks.... Lynne


Sep 30, 2009
by: Charlotte

aw, fantastic Lynne!

No problem! :o)


Aug 24, 2010
Fraisthorpe Beach
by: John Raworth

Sunday 22nd August.

Thank you for this wonderful guide. Woke up and read your page on Fraisthorpe beach, spur of the moment thing so drove over from Derbyshire with our two dogs Rosie the Collie and Ginny the Shorkie.

It was packed but parking no problem (£2) and ice cream van and burger van on car park.

We walked up the beach and soon got away from the sun bathers to more quiet sands where the dogs had a fantastic time.

Then nipped up to Bridlington to "Buzzy Bees" fish and chip shop and had lovely fish and chips for tea.

Got a nice tan too!

A great day out !!


Aug 24, 2010
Glad you enjoyed your day!
by: Charlotte

Hi John

Thanks for your kind comments - so glad you like the site - and especially that you and the dogs enjoyed your day out at Fraisthorpe beach.

No matter how busy it is, you always seem to be able to find a quiet spot somewhere!

And sunshine too! What a bonus!!

Hope we'll see you up here again soon!

Best wishes - and thanks very much for sharing your experiences.

Charlotte (and Ginger the greyhound) x

By Wendi Hyde

April 19 2011

does anyone know any equine campsites at Fraisthorpe beach, we are looking to take our own horses & lorry to sleep in, all we need is a safe field for our horses, we have been to fraisthorpe many times and love it so much we want to stay over, any suggestions?

wendi hyde

By Charlotte

20 April 2011

Hi Wendi

This isn't right on the beach at Fraisthorpe but is close to Bridlington - so might be a good option?

It doesn't say camping for horses, but is a campsite, trekking and livery centre, and riding is available, so they may be able to accommodate your needs:

Woldgate Trekking and Livery Centre

Some more details about the campsite here...

Hope it helps - and hope it comes off and you and your horses have a wonderful trip


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Fraisthorpe beach

by David Brown

This is one magnificent place - I first came here in 2008 with a friend and his dog. I was so impressed that when I came in 2010 with my new partner and her dog the price was still the same, we had a ball on the beach, the dog loved the sea had a picnic and an ice cream (dog had her own).

We are trying to find a camping site locally which is dog friendly with toilets and showers with 240v hook up for our trailer tent. This should be listed as a National Heritage site.


By Charlotte

Hi David

Thanks for sharing your experiences - yes we love Fraisthorpe too - it's a wonderful beach - very special.

The South Cliff Holiday Park is quite close, (nearer to Bridlington) but sadly doesn't accept dogs (Click here to visit the site)

Sometimes the Camping and Caravanning Club do a temporary site in a cliff-top field here, but that will certainly be without electric hook-up :( and likely without showers too. This is organised by Leeds DA (think the one for 2011 is finished now, though)

You could also try the Black Bull Campsite in nearby Barmston (a little further south than Fraisthorpe) - tents were accepted but there was no further info as to facilities, and I don't have any info whether tent camping is still available (for 2015-16 seasons) - contact details here to find out more...

Do let us know if you find somewhere suitable to camp - and good luck with the search!

Thanks for sharing

Charlotte :)

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Jul 22, 2014
Horses on the beach? You cannot be serious!
by: People person

Taking horses on to the beach? Gross! I've yet to encounter a toilet-trained horse, and I've yet to see a horse-rider clean up after his/her faecally-incontinent mount. Dogs are bad enough, but at least dog-walkers usually carry plastic bags and clean up. Please don't take horses on to the beach! It's disgusting! Beaches are for people, not for farm animals!

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Horsey Day At Fraisthorpe Beach

by B Oliver

Just had the most amazing day at Fraisthorpe Beach. My friend Sarah her horse Millie, me and my horse Ronnie had the whole beach to ourselves, there were no wind surfers or para surfers which made life so much more relaxed.

I would recommend this beach to any horsey folk as its just lovely and what a cheap day out cos we just put £3.00 in the honesty box (it only asks for £1.00 per car)

Roll on our next trip.


By Charlotte

11 August 2011

Fantastic! So glad you enjoyed it - it's a special beach, we love it! And I love to watch the horses there, too!

Here's my favourite horsey pic that I've taken there - again you see it's deserted! Lovely!

horses on Fraisthorpe Beach, Yorkshire

Hope it won't be too long before you enjoying your next trip to Fraisthorpe Beach!

Thank you very much for sharing your horsey day out at Fraisthorpe. :)


Comments for Horsey Day At Fraisthorpe Beach

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Apr 25, 2013
Tide Times
by: Anonymous

hi i am planing a trip to the beach but cant find tide times can anyone help


By Charlotte
26 April 2013

Yes, we have links to tide times on the site.

Fraisthorpe is very close to Bridlington, so use the Bridlington times for a close approximation.

Find tide times here...

Hope you enjoy your visit to the beach.

Charlotte :)

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Took a chance and found a gem

by Joanne
(Leeds )

Having been on family holidays to the East coast over the last few years, we had completely missed Fraisthorpe and always ended up in Filey or in Bridlington.

I had seen the sign for Fraisthorpe beach on the main road to Hull a few times and often wondered what was there.

So today after visting Cruckley Animal Farm Park, we had a few hours to spare before going back to our holiday home.

So I made the decision to see where this sign would lead us. I am very glad we did, what a great beach.

The weather was a little cold for August and the wind was blowing off the North Sea but we had a good couple of hours walking and exploring the rock pools with my two girls aged 3 and 13

I grew up by the sea (all be it Morecambe on the west coast) but the size of the beach and the amount of space when the tide was out reminded me of the great expanses of sand I am used to.

As soon as we got back to our holiday home, I tried to find out more about the campsite that was right next to the beach as we have a tent - and happened upon this great site.

I am still no wiser about the campsite. I think it is a Caravanning Club site rather than a camping site.

I don't have any pictures as I didn't have my camera with me, but the beach left us all feeling invigorated and happy.

We ended our few hours on the beach having some drinks and biscuits in the car, watching the tide come in and listening to the wind buffeting the car.

A great end to our day out. I would highly recommend Fraisthorpe Beach.


Comment from Charlotte:

Hi Joanne

So glad you enjoyed Fraisthorpe beach - its a real hidden gem - and our favourite beach!

Such a pity the Summer didn't comply with some more August-like weather - but I do think Fraisthorpe beach is enjoyable whatever the weather!

I know Morecambe well too - I worked at Middleton Tower Pontins for 2 summers, in the early '90's, and I agree about the same feel of acres of sea and sky and beach in both places.

The small campsite (close to the farm) is a Caravan Club website - I've searched and searched but can find no information on it - I believe it is a 'Certificated Location' and it seems you have to be a member to view these online.

The Caravanning and Camping Club also do a temporary holiday site here sometimes, (in a field further along towards Bridlington - just past where you park the cars)(own sanitation essential)

Thanks for sharing your trip to Fraisthorpe beach - so glad you had a lovely visit, and hope you'll be back soon!

Best wishes


More about Fraisthorpe Beach


Comment from Joanne:

Thank you for publishing my comments.

Working at Pontins must have been good, did you ever make it to Sunderland Point, a great little place, very remote and peaceful, you just have to watch out for the tides or you get cut off.

We are planning to have a visit to the Fraisthorpe beach again in a few weeks, as living in Leeds I need my regular fix of the seaside, I miss it having grown up by the sea. I guess you take it for granted when you are younger, then when you move to a city you miss it and the wide open spaces.

Thanks for setting up this website, it is great and I will be back with some more stories, pity the summer is over now, but the seaside can be just as nice on a crisp winters day.



Comment from Charlotte:

Hi Joanne

Working at Pontins was a fun experience - yes I did make it to Sunderland Point - a wonderful little spot - very remote indeed!

I hope you enjoy your trip to the seaside again soon - yes I love the coast in the winter too - for different reasons than in the summer - so long as its not toooo wet and cold!

Hope the weather stays bright and dry for you - have fun!

Charlotte x

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Fraisthorpe Beach

by Liz Barnes
(West Yorks)

We visited this beach with our two retired greyhounds yesterday (on the first Saturday of the school holidays). It was absolutely fantastic, and, considering the timing, fairly quiet.

There was lots of firm sand for our dogs to run on, plus large rock pools for them to paddle in (they are a bit frightened of the waves!!). We were happy to pay the £2 car parking, even though we only stayed about an hour.

We have a caravan in Brandesburton, so will definitely be back - this time with chairs and a picnic!


Hi Liz

Glad you like Fraisthorpe - its our favourite!

And a great place for greyhounds to run free - very safe!

Maybe we'll bump into each other there sometime.

Best wishes

Charlotte x

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Fraisthorpe Beach and Dogs

by Tina and Matt

We visited Fraisthorpe today after reading the comments on this site. We were looking for a good dog friendly beach in Yorkshire and this was just exactly what we hoped for.

We were here Bank Holiday in August and the sun did come out now and then. The dogs absolutely loved it and we spent hours walking up and down while they made friends with plenty of other dogs.

Would definitely recommend it and pleased we found it here. Am sure we will return again.


By Charlotte

30 August 2011

Thanks for your comments and recommendations Tina and Matt - it's a great beach - we love it - so glad you and your dogs did too...

And extra pleased the sun shone for you too! Quite breezy this bank holiday, but we should definitely be pleased it wasn't a complete wash-out!

Hope that's the first of many enjoyable trips to Fraisthorpe for you.


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Fraisthorpe Camping

by Will

I too have wanted to camp next the the Fraisthorpe beach for a Kitesurf weekend. There is a 'campsite' next the car park, but, to explain this for all, I have spoken with the farmer who owns the land and the £2.00 car park...

It is the local council who won't allow him to have single caravans or tents, in fact he can only rent the whole field to a club for a rally or similar, hence the caravan club having groups there...

It's a real shame as its the perfect pitch for my 9 man Vango...

I am still looking for somewhere as near to here as possible to camp...


by Charlotte
8 May 2012

Thanks Will

It is a real shame there's no tent camping here.

You could try the Southcliff Caravan Park which is just south of Bridlington. Not exactly Fraisthorpe, but pretty close, and it's still close to the beach.

They take tents and tourers, I believe.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for sharing your info.

Happy Camping! ...wherever you end up. Let us know if you find the perfect camping spot!

Best wishes


For more info: The official Southcliff Caravan Park website is here...


by Linda
9 May 2012

Camping near Fraisthorpe

Have you tried Seaside Caravan Park at Ulrome Sands? They take tents or tourers, and it's not too far from Fraisthorpe.


By Charlotte
9 May 2012

Thank you Linda - I didn't know about that one - looks like it's in a lovely spot!

Thanks very much for sharing.

Further details can be found on the official Seaside Caravan Park website, here...

Comments for Fraisthorpe Camping

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Jul 14, 2015
Seagulls Chalets at South Shore, Bridlington
by: Charlotte

We just had a great review elsewhere on the site from someone who stayed at Seagulls Chalets at the South Shore Holiday Park, in Bridlington, with a dog.

The Holiday Park is just a couple of miles along the beach from Fraisthorpe Beach - easy to get to.

Read the review here

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