Fraisthorpe Beach
Our Favourite Beach!

Fraisthorpe beach

Beautiful Fraisthorpe Beach

The beach at Fraisthorpe is our favourite along the Yorkshire coast. Find out why we like it, and what makes it so special...

Our favourite beach of all along the Yorkshire east coast is the beach at Fraisthorpe, just south of Bridlington...

This is partly because of the distance - at around an hour away, it is one of the closest beaches to our home in rural East Yorkshire.

With Ian's Dad living just in Bridlington, too, it is very handy for when we visit him.

Convenience isn't the only reason we love this beach... Fraisthorpe beach is away from the main Bridlington beaches, so is always lovely and quiet, even in the height of Summer.

It is a popular family day out for those 'in the know', but even in the holiday season it is never overcrowded...

Why We Love Fraisthorpe Beach...

Blue skies over Fraisthorpe beach

Beautiful blue skies over Fraisthorpe beach - August.

  • The sands are flat and expansive... The tides go a long way out, so at low tide there really is a massive expanse of soft sand stretching in either direction.

    At low tide you could walk on the beach north to Bridlington, or south for miles... the sands stretch as far as Hornsea!

    (If you go at low tide, you might be disappointed as the sea comes right up to the cliffs, so do check the tide times before you go (Bridlington is the nearest point for these purposes). Don't worry as you can still walk along the cliff tops if the tide is right in.)

  • The cliffs are of crumbling clay (bits do keep dropping into the sea, after a Winter storm!). They aren't particularly high, but are plenty high enough to stop our retired greyhound from running off!

    We love to let him run off the lead on this beach... in plenty of space, and in a relatively safe environment.

    letting the dog run on Fraisthorpe beach

    There's plenty of space for even a greyhound to run on Fraisthorpe Beach

    Dogs are allowed on the beach at Fraisthorpe at all times of the year - and locally it is a very popular spot for dog walking.

  • The beach is very popular with dog walkers, families and when the wind is right, you will see lots of kite fliers and people doing beach buggy surfing (I'm not at all sure if that is the correct term!) - using kites to propel themselves along the beach in little buggies and carts, or using kites to surf the waves... stop and watch a while... its quite fascinating!

  • Kite flying on Fraisthorpe Beach

    Kite flying looks such fun..!

  • We've also seen horses exercising on Fraisthorpe beach - a wonderful sight!

  • horses being exercised on Fraisthorpe Beach

    Horses being exercised on the beach

  • Fraisthorpe beach isn't just for those sporting types though... there's lots to explore for anyone! For fun family days out explore the many sand and rockpools at low tide.

    We've spotted many a star fish at Fraisthorpe beach... from an exotic 'sunstar' star fish, to this massive whopper of a star fish we found last year...

  • We found this starfish on Fraisthorpe beach

    Look what we found...!

  • Some people might find them an 'eyesore' but on this expansive beach at Fraisthorpe, they just appear a fascinating curiosity, lending the beach part of it's unique and unusual appeal...

    ...I'm talking about the old concrete pillboxes from the War, scattered along the coastline here...

  • These must have been former military outposts, now abandoned to the elements, and to become an organic part of the everchanging landscape here...

    When we first started coming to this beach, some were still perched on the side of the cliffs, but nearly all have now slid a little further out towards the sea. One stands proud, out on the sands, but washed by waves when the tide comes in.

  • pillbox at Fraisthorpe beach

    What a thing to find on a beach...!

  • For us, this is what gives Fraisthorpe beach it's unique character and interest - just one further aspect to explore on a family day out...

We love Fraisthorpe beach for a relaxed, easy day out in the UK at the Yorkshire coast - wide expanses of clean beaches, mirrored by equally wide expanses of sky - fantastic!

Me enjoying a sunny day on Fraisthorpe beach

Me enjoying a sunny day at the beach

Getting to Fraisthorpe and Facilities

  • Fraisthorpe beach is accessed at Auburn Farm. Follow the signs for 'The Beach' off the A165 at Fraisthorpe, south of Bridlington.
  • You follow a long, narrow road past the farmhouse on the left (and the Caravan Club Campsite on the right) to car parking in a field on the cliff top.
  • Parking is charged (but only £2 per car at our last visit) by attendant in Summer, or honesty box in Winter.
  • Toilets are available in a whitewashed outbuilding near the farmhouse (before you reach the car park).
  • Basic refreshments are usually available from a refreshment van on the cliff top.
  • Camping is available at:
    • The Caravan Club Site at Auburn Farm (a 'Certificated Site': members only - although I can't find out any information about this online) and...
    • In temporary meets (own sanitation essential) in a cliff top field, run by:

    There are some more thoughts and ideas discussed about where to camp nearby in these discussion threads

  • Where to Stay Nearby:

  • Reader-recommended holiday accommodation

    Seagulls Chalets at South Shore Holiday Park - just a few miles in the direction of Bridlington

  • Meals Out Nearby

    • A few miles away is the peaceful village of Harpham, with a lovely country pub which does serve fantastic food - The St Quintin Arms, Harpham
  • Naturism

    Fraisthorpe used to be a designated nudist beach, but it is not any more. Read some thoughts about this...

Fraisthorpe on the Map

This map is interactive.

  • Just use the + and - buttons in the top left corner of the map to zoom in and out.
  • Use the arrows to move about the area.

I hope you enjoy your family day out at Fraisthorpe beach. We always have a fantastic time there, Winter or Summer.

I'm looking forward to exploring lots more beaches along the Yorkshire east coast as I develop this website, but I'm sure we will always return with a fondness to Fraisthorpe beach...

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