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Interesting Facts about
England and Yorkshire

interesting facts about england yorkshire

Find 10 Interesting Facts about England and Yorkshire...

We keep it fun and informative... Essential useless knowledge about Yorkshire. Find out everything you never needed to know...

Why not introduce yourself to Yorkshire by finding out some interesting facts about Yorkshire. This will help you get some idea about the area, and why Yorkshire men and women are so proud of their county...

Don't worry - it's nothing too heavy! We'll keep it nice and light, informative, and, of course... interesting...

So, here goes...

Read 10 Interesting Facts about England - Yorkshire

  1. Yorkshire, as a whole is the largest county in England. These days, Yorkshire is actually subdivided into 4 areas.

    These are nominally based on the old 'Ridings':

    • North Riding of Yorkshire has become 'North Yorkshire'
    • East Riding of Yorkshire has become 'East Riding of Yorkshire'
    • West Riding of Yorkshire has become 'West Yorkshire'
    • There never was a 'South Riding' of Yorkshire - although we now have a 'South Yorkshire' county
    • The word 'Riding' is based on an old norse word for 'third' - 'thridding' - (as there were only 3 of them!) and was a system created by the Danes.

    The whole area of Yorkshire now covers around 12,000 km², with a population of around 5 million.

  2. Yorkshire has always played a pivotal role in the history of Britain:

    • Celts
    • Romans
    • Vikings
    • Middle Ages
    • Civil War

    Find out about Yorkshire in British history (including some historical attractions to visit)

  3. interesting facts about england  - north york moors national park

  4. Yorkshire is thought to be one of the greenest counties in England. Some people call it the 'Garden of England' and Yorkshire folk proudly call it 'God's own County'

  5. interesting facts about england yorkshire north york moors heritage coastline

  6. Yorkshire Day is 1st August - a celebration of eveything Yorkshire!
  7. Yorkshire has 2 national parks:

    ...and 3 sections of heritage coast:

  8. Yorkshire has inspired great literature:
    • Brontes - Haworth
    • Bram Stoker - Whitby
  9. Yorkshire has its own culinary delicacies. You may be able to indulge in some of them on your visit. Try:
    • Yorkshire Puddings
    • Yorkshire Curd Tart
    • Parkin
    • Pikelets
  10. Yorkshire has its own accent - very charming - and even it's own dialect.

    Try out this fun dialect translater that can translate your words and phrases into the Yorkshire equivalant...

    Just type a word or phrase into the box below, click on 'Translate' and you'll get the 'genuine' Yorkshire version...

    Have Fun!

    If you need any more help, check out this really useful Yorkshire dialect dictionary

  11. Yorkshire holds the 'proud' titles of:

    • The last town in England to burn a witch - Old Wife Green was burnt in the Market of Pocklington town as a witch, in 1630
    • The last heathens in England - The fishermen of Filey in the 19th Century are said to have chased evangelists from the town, with dried skate fish. (They were eventually converted by 'Praying Johnny' Oxtoby, and actually all became very devout!)

    ...but don't let any of this worry you, if you are planning a vist - it's all calmed down a lot since then! We're all really very friendly :o)

  12. Yorkshire is home to the first seaside spa town in England - Scarborough...

    ...and the first lighthouse in England - at Flamborough Head.

  13. I hope these interesting facts about England and Yorkshire will whet your appetite to find out more about the history, culture and landscape of Yorkshire. Find out more reasons why you should spend your days out and holidays in England at the Yorkshire coast.

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