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Get the lowdown on Scarborough town centre - where to shop, what to expect. Info about shopping in the town of Scarborough, Yorkshire...

Scarborough Town Centre - shopping in the main street

Scarborough is a great place to go shopping whilst on holiday.

It is the largest of all the Yorkshire east coast seaside towns, and has a good selection of high street and chain stores... well as all the usual seaside gift and novelty stores, along the sea-front.

The nearest big city to our home is York, with plenty of shopping...

...but we still like to specifically take a trip out to Scarborough for a change - its a great place for sniffing out a bargain!

You can just get straight into it, wander along the streets of Scarborough town centre and shop to your heart's content...

... or take a look at some of our special shopping tips for something a little bit different...

Guide to Shopping in Scarborough Town Centre

Use this Scarborough map to help you locate where you need to be...

The Scarborough Park and Ride is a quick and convenient way of getting into town...

Main Shopping Area

  • The main high street for shopping is Westborough, running into Newborough.
  • This is the place for all your main high street and chain stores. All the popular stores are there, including a Marks and Spencers, Matalan and TK Max.
  • Look out for the big Boyes store on Queen Street (on the left as you follow Newborough down towards the sea). It is a Scarborough 'institution' and well worth a look.
  • Here you will also find the Brunswick Shopping Centre - a very pleasant, covered shopping area, with many local high street stores, including a Debenhams department store. You can also park your car here. More about the Brunswick Shopping Centre.

  • Scarborough town centre - shopping in the boutiques

  • Take a little time to explore a couple of the interesting side streets off the main high street in Scarborough town centre (Westborough).

    We really like the little shops on Bar Street and Huntriss Row.

    These are lovely little boutique-style shops - with a real air of luxury - lots to look at...

    ...whether window-shopping, browsing or buying..!

Scarborough Market

  • We love to visit Scarborough Market at the Scarborough Market Hall, at St Helen's Square (on the left, just as you are leaving Scarborough town centre and heading down towards Eastborough, towards the sea).
  • There is a normal 'everyday' market on the upper floor, but the more interesting shopping is at the market vaults underneath the main market hall.

  • Scarborough town centre, market vaults

  • This is an attractive shopping area - each little vaulted room houses a separate independent shop.

    There are quite a variety of little shops here - all intriguing to browse!

    • Second-hand bookshops
    • Records
    • Clothing
    • Arts
    • Crafts
    • Jewellery
    • Gifts
    • Holistic and New Age Stores
    • even a tempting Cafe area
  • For us, this is one of the most interesting and unique shopping areas in Scarborough - certainly something that little bit different from your 'same-old, same-old', main stream, high street stores.

    It's quite a little emporium, so do take the time to have a browse, and hopefully find that unique and interesting souvenir of your visit, to take home


  • One of the most interesting shopping streets is Eastborough (going into Newborough). This is the street leading up from the Foreshore and sea front, up to Scarborough town centre 'proper'.
  • It's quite a steep street, and it can be a long haul up, at the end of a long day... so it's lovely to have something interesting to look at on the way up.

  • Scarborough town centre - our favourite delicious fudge shop

    A very tasty fudge shop! Mmmm!!

  • Some of the shops you can enjoy on the way up are:
    • Rock and Candy Shop
    • Donut and Waffle Shop
    • Joke Shop
    • Art Gallery
    • A delicious Fudge Shop - tried and tested - v. tasty! (See the picture above)
    • Jewellery
    • Rock and Gem Shop
    • Gothic
    • Kitchen Store
    • Charity Shop
    • Clothing
    • ...and lots more...!
  • There are also plenty of little restaurants, cafes, tea shops and fish and chip shops up here - perfect for stopping for a rest... and enjoying the views over the bay.

The Seafront Shops

Scarborough town centre - seafront shops

  • All along the sea front (quite separate from Scarborough town centre, by virtue of a rather steep hill) are your usual seaside gift shops, candy floss, fish and chips, ice cream and entertainments...
  • In short, everything you could want or need from your time at the seaside. So whether you want a bucket and spade, a souvenir or gift for Granny, or just to sit and relax with fish and chips or even a glass of wine, you will find somewhere along the sea front to suit you.
  • This is a great place to stroll and window shop - always with a view of the sea! Fantastic!

More about Scarborough Beach

So, I hope you enjoy your day out in Scarborough town centre. You will be able to spend plenty of time shopping here - don't spend all your pennies at once, though!

Save some for a lovely meal out in one of the lovely Scarborough restaurants, pubs or cafes...

You can also visit the Rotunda Museum and Scarborough Art Gallery

Use this Scarborough map to help you locate where you need to be...

The Scarborough Park and Ride is a good way of getting into town, without all the hassle of traffic, and finding somewhere to park...

Tell us where you like to shop in Scarborough town centre...

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