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One of the wonderful attractions of visiting Whitby is the expansive beach on the west side of town - perfect for an afternoon of family fun and sun, or a romantic sunset stroll...

A lovely evening stroll along the whitby beaches is the perfect end to a wonderful day - Yorkshire

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There are 2 Whitby beaches:

Whitby Beaches - West Beach

This is the main beach in Whitby - very long (you can walk all the way to Sandsend at low tide), and lovely, sandy and flat.

beautiful vistas across Whitby beaches

It is backed by tall cliffs, and the West Pier - you get great views out to sea, and towards Sandsend.

sunset on Whitby beaches - beautiful

This is a great place for a typical bucket and spade seaside trip, with (in season):

  • donkey rides
  • beach huts (west end of beach)
  • refreshments
  • cliff lift
  • deck chair hire
  • lifeguard and first aid
  • pier close by

Hot summer's day on Whitby beaches

If you visit on a sunny summer afternoon you will likely see the beach thronged with happy families - it's much quieter early mornings, evenings and out of season.

You can access the beach by:

  • a slipway close to the West Pier
  • a path down from the West Cliff (not too far from the West Cliff car parks, but quite steep, and feels quite a long way back uphill - find it close to the Whitby Spa)
  • a cliff lift from the West Cliff (Summer season only - times vary - small charge payable) Find this close to the Whitby Spa.

Sunset stroll at Whitby beaches

We prefer the beach out of season, or when it is quieter - on our last holiday we enjoyed a lovely quiet stroll along the beach as the sun was setting over Sandsend - spectacular!

the sun setting over Whitby beaches - yorkshire


Dogs are banned on Whitby beach:

  • between 1 May - 30 September every year
  • in an area between:
    • West Pier
    • the east side of the beach steps at the western end of the beach huts

Look out for signs on the beach for more information.

Booking Beach Chalets

Colourful Whitby beach huts - Whitby beaches, Yorkshire

Contact Scarborough Borough Council for terms of booking, prices and the booking form.

Visit the official website, here...

Whitby Beaches - West Beach on the Map

Find Whitby West Beach on the west side of town, accessed from adjacent to the West Pier, or from the West Cliff.

This map is interactive.

  • Just use the + and - buttons in the top left corner of the map to zoom in and out.
  • Use the arrows to move about the area.

Whitby beaches - me with the Whitby pier

There is also another, smaller, beach in Whitby...

Whitby Beaches - Tate Hill Beach

Whitby beaches - Tate Hill Beach

This is just a small beach, more central to town, and right within the harbour, looking out into the river/harbour estuary, rather than the open sea.

The beach is sandy and pleasant with quieter, calmer waters than the main beach - which makes it safer for small children to play and bathe.

The beach tends to be a little quieter than the main beach, but as it is so small it doesn't take much to make it feel quite busy.

You can park up by the Abbey and walk down the 199 steps to access the beach, which is just near to the East Pier....

...or access the beach through town (walking only)

On the eastern side of the East Pier there are rock pools to explore - but do take care - this area can be very dangerous in rough seas, and/or when the tide is coming in.

Whitby beaches - view from Tate Hill Beach

Dogs are allowed on this beach.

Whitby Beaches - Tate Hill Beach on the Map

Find Whitby Tate Hill Beach on the east side of town, accessed from adjacent to the East Pier, off Church Street/Tate Hill.

This map is interactive.

  • Just use the + and - buttons in the top left corner of the map to zoom in and out.
  • Use the arrows to move about the area.

The Whitby beaches are a great place to enjoy all the fun of the seaside:

  • the traditional, long, sandy West Beach
  • the small, sandy, town beach: Tate Hill Beach

Me enjoying Whitby beaches

Hope you enjoy your trip to the Whitby beaches - why not visit both?

Also check out the beach at nearby Sandsend

Have you been to the Whitby beaches? What do you think? Where's your favourite beach? Tell us, here...

More ideas for days out to Yorkshire coast beaches

Where do you like to go in Whitby? Let us know, here...

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